frequently asked questions

Can you put in custom neck labels with my company name instead of the regular t-shirt manufacturers name
(ex. Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, etc)?

The shirts we print on all have the manufacturers label in the neckline. We do have a supplier that will add your label to the neckline of the shirts (you supply the labels) with a minimum garment order of 144 pieces. Most garment manufacturers require quantities in the 1000's before they allow custom labels. We find that leaving the manufacturers label in lets the customer know that their shirts are printed on quality garments.

What kind of products do you offer?
If you can think of it, we can probably get it. We offer the popular items like: t-shirts, caps, polos, tote bags, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, baby doll t-shirts, ringer tees, baseball jerseys, shorts, sweatpants, jackets and fleece. We also offer specialty items including thongs, pinstripe baseball jerseys, oxfords, sweatpants, visors, robes, blankets, aprons, towels and more. We offer a wide range of colors and sizes; something to fit every need.

Can I print a color photograph?
Yes, but as it involves slightly more sophisticated technology, there is a difference in pricing and minimum quanity order. Do no hesitate to call if you have questions about this process.

How many ink color can you print?
You may use 1 - 6 ink colors per location.

Brand My Stuff Textile Waste Awareness Offer
*10% off any order not exceeding $200.00. Offer may not be combined with other offers or discounts, not exchangeable for cash or credit.